Hot Shot!

Emergency contact: +61412 828 999
Satellite communications: 0011 8816 4149 9351

Whether manufacturing times have been exceeded, or you just can’t find that part you need until the last minute we at ASP Logistics provide a Hot Shot service dedicated to our clients, helping to avoid costly downtime.

From 1kg to 20tonne, if you need it now we have the resources to get it to you in the fastest way possible. From a ute to a semi or even light planes, we can be on the road or in the air in a couple of hours.

If required for long hauls we will utilise 2 drivers plus the necessary vehicle so that we can safely drive non-stop to the final destination. Equipped with additional fuel tanks our extended range means we can reach most destinations, be it rural or major cities, without stopping for fuel.

Hot Shot!

Hot Shot